The Music Court

One Winter is a warm story about a colder time in life. Though the subject of the lyrics is not always pleasant, the chords have an upward progression, getting brighter and happier as the songs move.” - Zoë Brown

Jason's Jukebox

[One Winter] is a masterful gem of an EP.

Divide And Conquer

One Summer […] features the full band. Singer/song writer Sean McKenna is joined by three others for a general, albeit mature, folk sound. Their strength comes in the form of mid-track tonal shifts, small stylistic flourishes and lush sounds throughout.” - B Parker

The Noise Boston

“I’m a huge fan of severely depressed folk music, so thumbs up [for One Winter].” - Sleazegrinder

The Noise Boston

“This is a very good and very clever release. […] This folk/rock music sounds like Gordon Lightfoot meets Tom Paxton meets Arlo Guthrie.” - A.J. Wachtel